Lagunex Domino for Blackberry v0.9.2.4


I’ve received your feedback

This release makes some changes regarding advertising that I believe will be beneficial for all of us.

  • The pop-up ad now appears every two hands.
  • If you visit the pop-up ad, it will not appear again for the rest of the game.
  • The small ad at the top of the table is back.

So, as you can see, I’ve reduced the pop-ups in half with the opportunity of getting rid of it at all if you take some time to visit the advertiser. In order to reduce the frequency, the small ad at the top is back again.

Bug Fixed:

  • The pop-up now doesn’t appear when you press the “View Table” button on the host phone. This was never the intention. I’m sorry for it.

Thank you all for helping me build this small domino community. Keep playing and writing and I’ll keep learning and improving for you.


6 Responses to “Lagunex Domino for Blackberry v0.9.2.4”

  1. 1 Yowow

    Thank you very much Lagunex. will continue to support the best app

  2. 2 Yanneth

    Lo tuve instalado pero tuve q formatear el Tlf Storm 9550 y lo perdí y ahora me dice que no esta disponible. Por que? Tengo BBM superior a 6. Ayuda….

    • Hola Yanneth.
      El juego ya no está disponible para los modelos Storm.

      • 4 Maywa

        A que se debe que el juego ya no este disponible para los storm si todo estaba tan bien

      • Los modelos han sido descontinuados por BlackBerry y además, al no tener trackpad, había que desarrollar de manera independiente para esos modelos si queríamos cubrir todas las funcionalidades.

  3. 6 marielba Gonzalez



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