Lagunex Domino for Blackberry v0.9.4.4


New features and bugs fixed!!!!!!

Please let us know if you like it leaving a comment in AppWorld 🙂

With this new release forget about past problems. Now you can really enjoy a better computer level (still far from expert but at least not another enemy) and play to be the best player of the world with the new Solo Ranking.

But BEWARE CHEATS!! If you exit a Solo game before finishing it, you will lose automatically the game and your score will go down.

And remember, because now the computer plays different all player must have this new version in order to play a multiplayer game with the computer.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • The game freezes when you play and it is not your turn. Now it does not freeze anymore.
  • The tiles appeared in different sizes. Now the tiles are all the same again.
  • Ranking was not saved in your phone until you closed the game. Now the score is saved as soon as you finish the game.
  • Resend t0o many times your play caused future hands to freeze sometimes. Now old plays are safely discarded.

Rankings will restart

With this version the ranking will start again, so the multiplayer scores you’ll see will belong to users with the latest release. If you are facing problems with your score, please delete and reinstall the game. Your score will be reboot accordingly and you’ll have a new opportunity to prove you are the best.

Top 10 players from the old multiplayer score will be awarded with a Premium Version. Further information will be announce shortly.

Thank you all for helping me build this small domino community. Keep playing and I’ll keep learning and improving for you.


One Response to “Lagunex Domino for Blackberry v0.9.4.4”

  1. I really enjoy keeping up with these updates! It absolutely helps me get through
    my morning routine.


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