Lagunex Domino for Blackberry v0.9.7.0


Now with sound and Twitter!

Please let us know if you like it leaving a comment in AppWorld 🙂

This release comes with interesting features for all our users.

For all users:

  • The game is now lighter. Less than 1MB so you can save space for other apps too.
  • Multiplayer notifications are only sent when the screen is black or the game is in background.
  • Share your results (either winning or losing) on Twitter. Let the world know right away what happened.
  • The phone does not freeze while you wait for the computer to play.

For Premium users:

  • Activate sounds and listen to the beloved rumbling that comes with dominoes, make the crowd go crazy when you win and suffer with every lost hand (cua cua cua cua cuaaaaaa).
  • Check out who are the best in your country with the new filtered ranking.

Bugs fixed:

  • Multiplayer ranking is up and running again. Now those high points you couldn’t share will be sent after your next game. Let’s see if you were actually the best player of all.

All players must have the new version in order to play a multiplayer game.

Enjoy and tell your friends!

3 Responses to “Lagunex Domino for Blackberry v0.9.7.0”

  1. 1 jorge de freitas

    Es muy bueno yo estava jugando se me presento un problema yo estava en el rating y ahora no tengo

    • Hola Jorge.
      Si eliminas la aplicación, tu ranking se reinicia a 1500 puntos y en los servidores quedará tu mejor puntuación. La versión actual no recupera tu puntuación anterior en caso de reinstalar. Es una función que añadiremos en un futuro pero que actualmente no está disponible.

  2. 3 saubet

    Me gusta


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