Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why can’t I see my tiles when is my turn?
    • That mainly caused by your BBM username. If it is too long you will have a wider top and your tiles will be covered. You can try a shorter name to solve the problem. In a future version, the game will cut your name to avoid this issue.
  • How can I invite friends to play? My list is empty
    • You just can invite friends that have the app installed and connected to BBM. If you are the first among them you can use the menu “Invite to download…” to share the game with your friends. Once they have installed it, they will appear in your contact list as friends to invite to play.
  • The game freezes in the middle of a multiplayer game
    • Sometimes if  one of your friends has poor signal, her move will not be sent to the other players and the game freezes. This bug will be solved in a future release.
  • I installed the app but can’t see the icon in my BB. Where is it?
    • This is due a installation problem from AppWorld. Try deleting the game, removing AppWorld cache and installing it again. In order to clear  the AppWorld cache, open the app and press alt+RSTRST. You won’t see any change in your phone but internally AppWorld will refresh with the latest information.
  • I got this error message in my Bold 9700 “Error Starting LagunexDomino: Class ‘’ not fond”
    • It is a BlackBerry bug for some version of OS 5. You must update your OS version to or above to solve it.
  • I got this error message “net_rim_bb_qm_platform not found”.
    • That’s because you don’t have BBM 6 installed in your phone.
  • I can’t see the download button in my BlackBerry
  • I can’t see the “with friends” button
    • Make sure you have BBM6 or above and that the game is connected. The games takes a second or two to connect itself so be patient
  • How many games can I play simultaneously?
    • You can only play one game at a time
  • If I left a multiplayer game, what happen with my friends?
    • They will receive a message that you left and the game will end for everyone
  • When I finish a hand, the next one does not start automatically, why?
    • The player that choose to start the next hand is the host. All invited players must wait for him to continue
  • Can I invite more than three friends?
    • The game is designed to be played by four players top. If you invite more than three, you will not be able to arrange them properly in teams to start the game
  • I’ve invite some friends but I cannot change their teams, why?
    • You have to wait for everyone to accept the invitation before assigning the teams
  • We are all connected but I can’t change teams
    • Only the host can assign teams. Everyone else must wait for him.
  • I’m loving it! What about a new version and features?
    • AppWorld will let you know automatically when a new version is available
  • Can I play with friends that have a different version
  • Where did that name come from?
    • That’s my nickname since 2001. My friends call me Laguna/Lago/lagunex
  • How many people are involved developing the game?
    • I have a few friends helping me test the new features. Regarding programming, just me. You can see it in the “about” menu in the game.
  • I have a cool idea to make the game better, can I tell you?
    • Sure, leave a comment or write me an email 🙂 and I’ll consider adding it. My first priority is making the game bug-free but there is always space for new stuff.
  • Will it always be free?
    • You will always have a free version to download, even though somewhere in the future I’m planning to release a paid version with additional features.
  • My question is not here.
    • Leave a comment or write me an email. I can’t come with more questions to include here either.

5 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

  1. 1 nurkemala

    Hi, I’m playing with 3 friends, I use BB 9860. I can’t assign team. How do you assign team as I can’t move my friends to Team 2? Please help. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Nurkemala.
      Check out “how to invite” that explains the whole process. In summary, you must move them with the trackpad, not touching them, and you must click the trackpad after moving them to confirm your settings.
      I hope that helps.

  2. 3 Leo

    Hi! How do I increase my score? In other words, how is the score added to my overall record? I have a 100 wins – 80 losses personal record, but only a lowly 535 ranking. There are people on the ranking list who have a worst record than me, for example 100-102, and have over 2000 points.

    • Hi Leo.
      If you win a match 100-25, your score will go +75 (100-25), if you lose 67-110 your score will decrease -43 (67-110).
      The record winning/losses do not affects the score as it is right now.

  3. 5 Leo



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