The winner is the first team that reach the maximum score.

A dominoes game consist of several hands, on each hand the winning team will score points until it is declared the game winner.

A hand is won by the team whose player plays his last tile, or if it is a blocked game, the winner will be decided according to the blocked game rules.

Hand rules:

At the beginning of each hand, all tiles are randomly deal. Each player receives seven tiles.

The player who starts the first hand will be decided according to the “First Hand” rule. After that, the hand is played counterclockwise, that is, the next player is the one at the right of the current player.

On each turn, the player is must play one of his tiles as long as the chosen tile matches one of its corners with one of the table’s free corners. For instance, in the following image the player is required to play 2:4, 2:3 or 2:2 because 2 is one of the table’s free corners. If a player can’t play any of his tiles, he must pass and loses his turn.

The hand goes on until one of the players plays his last tile or the game is blocked.

A hand is considered blocked if none of the players is able to play any tile. In such a case, the winning team is decided according to the “Blocked game” rule.

Once the hand has finished, the winning team will score his points according to the “Scoring Points” rule. Then, the tiles are shuffled and dealt again and a new hand starts.

The player who starts the next hand will be determined according to the “Next Hand” rule.

Maximum scores:

  • 50 *
  • 100
  • 150 *
  • 200 *

Scoring Points rules:

  • “Opponent’s”: The winning team scores all of his opponent’s remaining points.
  • “All”: The winning team scores all remaining points, that is, his opponent’s and its own. *

First Hand rules:

  • “Double Six”: The first hand will begin with the player who has the double six and that must be the first tile played.
  • “Random”: The player who starts the first hand will be chosen randomly. *

Next Hand rules:

  • “Counterclockwise”: The next hand will be started by the player sit at the right of the previous starter player.
  • “Previous Winner”: The next hand will be started by the player who won the previous one. *

Blocked game rules:

  • “Team”: The winning team is the one with the least remaining points.
  • “Individual”: The winning team is the one whose player has the least remaining points. *

* Only Premium users can start a game with this rule but all users can accept an invitation with it.


8 Responses to “Rules”

  1. 1 b

    Do u allow playing off the “splinter”? That’s the first double played each game. If not will the next version/upgrade have that feature?

  2. 3 Breanna

    It doesn’t say in the rules how you actually score points. I’ve always played with the scoring by playing 5’s, 10’s etc. How do you score in this game?!

    • Hi Breanna.
      All the point that remain in your opponent’s hands count. That is, if your team wins and they still have 1:2 4:4 and 5:3 on their hands then you’ll get 19 points (that’s the default scoring).

  3. 5 David. Herbert

    I’m interested in trying out this game of Dominoes even though I don’t think I’m any good at it.

  4. 7 raffy


    In my country we play with colectives points.
    1 first throw pass
    2 independent round pass
    3 double win
    All 3 rules apply on each hands, but if the winning team needs 25 or less points to win these points does not apply to them.

    • In the fist throw if the next player pass the team against get 25 points if the firsh domino is a double and 50 if is a regular domino.
    Player1 and player 2 = team A
    rival 1 and rival 2 = team B
    If player1 plays 6:6 and rival 1 pass team A gets 25 points “but those points does not apply if player 2 pass too”; “only if the rival player pass and the team player plays”.

    • Another rule for every round pass that you get individualy including team player and rival team pass your team get 25 points.
    Player 2 plays and rival 2, player 1 and rival 1 pass all in the same round time. “ One after another” the team for player 2 gets 25 points and if he made more round passes one after another the colective points will add up by 25 each.

    • Also if a player can play it last domino to win in eather ways the player team gets 25 points.
    In one side of the table you see 6:3 and in the other you see 5:2 and your last domino is 3:2, since you can win for eather ways you get 25 points
    “This rule does not apply if you play a double as a last domino”.

    → Here is one more rule but most of the tine we do not apply it it’s called the dead of 0:0 “double 0” since this domino has no value it gives 15 points to the rival team if al other dominoes are in the table and 0:0 is not pointing that this dominos was not able to be played but in order to get this point the winning round team most not have it.

    If rival 2 has the double 0 and the winning team is team A rule apply but if team B wins and rival 2 has the domino rule does not apply.

    Well that might be good to apply it and get up to 500 points or 1000 points.
    Well you might decide.

    • Hi Raffy.
      Thank you for writing and explaining this way of playing. It sounds interesting.
      We still have some features scheduled for the summer, so it will be hard to include your way.
      Kind regards.


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