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Now with sound and Twitter! Please let us know if you like it leaving a comment in AppWorld 馃檪 This release comes with interesting features for all our users. For all users: The game is now lighter. Less than 1MB so you can save space for other apps too. Multiplayer notifications are only sent when […]

New features and bugs fixed!!!!!! Please let us know if you like it leaving a comment in AppWorld 馃檪 With this new release forget about past problems. Now you can really enjoy a better computer level (still far from expert but at least not another enemy) and play to be the best player of the […]

A better computer player to play with! The computer plays better. The game does not freeze when playing “Solo” and it is not your turn. All players must upgrade to this version in order to play multiplayer games. Otherwise, you’ll see different moves in different phones. If you visit an advertisement you’ll reduce their appearance […]

I’ve received your feedback This release makes some changes regarding advertising that I believe will be聽beneficial聽for all of us. The pop-up ad now appears every two hands. If you visit the pop-up ad, it will not appear again for the rest of the game. The small ad at the top of the table is back. […]

Now with a Leader Board to know the best players!!! A couple of bugs related with the display were fixed Main texts in Bahasa Indonesian A new section called Ranking to see where you stand among players The game will not ask you anymore where you want to place your last tile Advertising was moved […]